What’s is digital media? In my opinion, digital media is everything around us that we use technologically. Whether if it’s to communicate, entertain, socialize, the list is endless. Digital media is so important in our lives.

To prove to us how much this is true, our professor made us keep our own digital diaries. Personally, I wasn’t very surprised by most of my results, as I like to think that I pay attention to what digital media I use in my everyday life.

However, I was pretty surprised about how often I checked my twitter. I like to think of myself as a quality tweeter and only tweeting when it’s essential. But after seeing how often I check my twitter I notice that I’m taking in a lot more than I produce where twitter is concerned. I found this to be a good thing because I’m constantly learning and growing from others people’s tweets (and experiences).

To conclude, I really enjoyed my experience of the digital diary because I found that I learned a lot about myself through it.