My weekly blog assignment for this week was to pick out 4 different picture from the internet and analyze the colour schemes, patterns, etc. as well as the colour psychology that goes in behind it.

So, here are my four choices of pictures as well as my analysis of each, below the picture.

I think the goal of this image was mostly for entertainment or for personal enjoyment. It seems to be more of a simple photo that doesn’t exactly have a goal besides conveying emotion and inspiring viewers/bloggers. I think that the colours used (light blues and oranges) seem to convey softer emotions and reflect a comfortable atmosphere to the viewers. This was mostly achieved thanks to the warm yet light orange of the sun. I find it creates a feeling of familiarity and comfort. But at the same time, the slight blue-ish purple found in the picture, brings out a more playful friendly atmosphere (which suits the photo quite well, as there are many teens enjoying the beach in it) Overall, I enjoy this picture and find that the colours in it were used quite well. I wouldn’t normally ponder the colours of an image like this, as I would assume no one was really trying to convey a real message through it (as an ad would perhaps) but without noticing it, the colours really did affect my emotions and I found myself feeling comfortable and relaxed when I first stumbled upon this photo.

I’m still not quite sure what this image was created for as it seems to be a simple creative representation of galaxy (and not intended for advertising purposes). However, I still feel that the colours used in this photo affect the viewers feelings in a strong way. I think that the different shades of light blue (as well as dark blue and all the shades in between) create a feeling of relaxation and wonder in the viewers. The blue also plays on our emotions as we feel more comfortable with it (blue alludes to loyalty and trustworthiness). This picture seems to have a mostly monochromatic colour scheme (different shades of blue) however there are also slight shades of green and yellow included in this picture, making the colour scheme an analogous one. Overall, I feel that the colours used in this picture really help to convey the feeling of relaxation,  nature and comfort, all the while creating the feeling of wonder and mystery. If this picture were black and white, it wouldn’t have nearly as much significance as it does in this state. And for that, we have nothing but colour to thank.

This picture is also not in obvious use as an ad for a company but could have easily been used as an ad for a shoe company as it displays the shoes in a very natural and beautiful way. Although the colour scheme for this picture is monochromatic, it still seems to convey a simple and elegant charm through the mixture of gold shades displayed throughout the picture. I feel that the shining gold of the shoes create a more glamorous feeling where as the different deeper shades of the wooden floor seem to create a more nature-related comfortable feeling. Overall, I enjoy how this picture conveys the two different feelings of comfort and familiarity of nature through the wood as well as the mystique and glamour of today’s world.

This poster is a vintage ad for “Levi’s”. I found that I really enjoyed the colours they chose to use for this poster as it really conveyed the right sense of femininity and nature (with the brightly colour flowers and butterflies). I also liked how they used primary colours as the most dominant colours in the piece.These would most speak to the viewers and would be the colours that stand out to them the most because primary colours tend to be the colours that are the easiest to remember. The blues included in this picture also play on the trustworthiness of the brand. The yellows and reds create a warm welcoming feeling and attract the eye (as a advertising poster should) and the reds also create a desire for consumption and so, create a desire within the viewer to buy the product. I assume that this is only a part of the actual vintage poster that advertised the company as it doesn’t have the name of the company listed very evidently in the picture (except for the circle in the back that has the name listed backwards; suggesting the poster was flipped) However, the advertising techniques in colour is present in this poster and I think that the company did a good job at conveying the right messages and emotions to the viewers through the colours used in this poster.

To conclude, I had a lot of fun looking for the particular pictures that I thought were worthy of discussing on this level. I feel that I’ve learned a lot about how much colour plays into advertising and I understand thoroughly just how much colour affects the way we think and feel, which is why it’s such a huge tool for advertising companies and others. I really enjoyed learning about the importance of colours and their role in digital media and I look forward to learning more next week.

Thanks for reading,