This week in Digital Media, we had to create our own album art, infographic or poster and present it to the class. I chose to create an album cover of myself (because I am a musician). I was really excited at the opportunity to actually have been able to set aside enough time to properly create this album art. 

Here is my album cover along with the artist statement that describes my goals, inspirations, difficulties and obstacles that I’ve overcome during the process of designing and creating this album cover.


My goal for this project was to convey to my audience (the listeners or future listeners of my music) a sense of my personality, as an artist and musician, as well as a sense of what this album is about. The title that I chose for this album,“Autumn Reverie” really reflected what the songs in the album convey; autumn being a metaphor for the ending of many different parts, stages and relationships in my life. So, I thought it was appropriate to have the album cover convey the sense of autumn. I chose to have the photo-shoot outdoors for that reason, and I’m very pleased with the outcome. The colours really support and emphasize the theme and I really enjoyed working with all of those beautiful autumn hues. 

Concerning methodology, I used my version of Photoshop CS2 at home to create this album cover. My friend Gergana Peeva, a visual art student at York University, shot this picture of me in my backyard.  I’m very fortunate to have her talent at my disposal and to have been able to use this picture as a material for this project. 

I chose to keep the design simple and keep the focus on the picture that I chose. So, I basically chose to emphasize my shape in the photo by adding multiple borders around my shape as well as creating a layer of a pinkish hue contouring my shape as well. For the name of the artist and the album title, I chose pretty simple fonts (Letter Gothic Standard for “EMSEA” and Lucida Handwriting for “Autumn Reverie”) in order to keep the design simple and to not take too much attention away from the photo.   I really wanted to create a sense of familiarity and I really wanted to play on the theme of autumn (the beauty of summer coming to a dramatic ending) with bring colours of fall (the oranges, yellows, greens and reds). I’ve also chosen to incorporate a light pink to add more of my personality and character into the album cover. I’ve also incorporated the same shade of pink in my other album covers (that I’ve made previous to this course), I chose to keep bringing back the same colour so that it’ll create a sense of more familiarity as well as conveying my professionalism by staying consistent for my audience. It’ll also play on my “brand” as it creates more of an image for my artistic persona. 

There were many elements that inspired me when creating this album cover. Such as the presentation of typography (I’ve paid much more attention to my use of typography and used my fonts in a more intelligent way), my previous works in graphic design (such as my other album covers and other layouts) as well as several graphic design pictures that I’ve come across on Pinterest, Tumblr, Etsy, etc.

Prior to actually beginning my photo editing in Photoshop, I sketched out a basic plan for my layout of my album cover. This was very useful to me as I was able to edit my layout plan for the cover before even beginning the process. As a result, I was able to save time and figure out how to avoid any layout problems I could have prior to my editing stage. 


My challenges were basically trying to balance the focus of my picture, while trying my best not to make the album cover look too busy and loud. I tried to incorporate the colours I thought best represented what I was trying to convey, while still keeping the focus on the subject of the photo. 

To conclude, I think I succeeded at conveying myself, as an artist as well as a musician (myself and what the album holds) through this album cover. If this was used as the real cover of my album, I think it would definitely represent the lyrics as well as the music in general that I created. It supports the theme and also conveys a sense of familiarity and warmth through the beautiful hues of autumn. Overall, I think that I really captured what I intended to capture in this photo as well as in the edit and I think the audience that I would be likely to attract with this album cover would correspond very well to the audience that would enjoy the actual music.

Thanks for reading, 

Marie-Claire Duquette