So far, the introductions to After Effects have been awesome and super easy to understand. But After Effects still seems to be very intimidating nonetheless. I’m looking forward to getting to actually work more with the program in order to get more comfortable with the way it operates. Hopefully, we’ll have more time to do that in our next lab class.

Concerning my idea for my animation project, I’m still trying to keep an open mind with all the production ideas that are coming at me at the moment, as I know that as we learn more and more about this program, different ideas of conception will overtake the previous one. But, so far, I would really enjoy working with stop animation. I’ve seen it in many awesome videos such as “Her Morning Elegance” (a video that was shown to us in our lecture last week), and I think it’s just a really great and natural effect. 

Although it’s clearly a lot of work to put together a long stop animation video like that, I think it’s worth it in the end. The end result is fantastic and goes beyond any and all other types of filming in my opinion. And as it turns out, our animation project is only 5 or 10 seconds long. So it’ll be much easier to put together something of that same concept because we’ll have much less frames to work with. 

I can’t wait to figure out my final idea for my animation project and start mapping out my plan and visuals for it. I’ll definitely keep you posted for the details, inspirations and concept ideas of my new project! I’m also really excited for tomorrow’s lecture, as I’m sure it’ll be full of great tips and inspiration for our animation project. 

Thanks for reading, 

Marie-Claire Duquette