For this week’s blog, we have to choose three stories that we’ve come across today and reflect on them. I just so happen to have noticed many cute stories today that I’d be glad to share in my blog. 

For the first story, I saw a commercial today for an Airline company, in which a man lifts up a woman by her waist and twirls her around many times with pretty motivational music playing in the background. There was no other action in this commercial, and I think that’s what threw me off a bit at first. Usually, commercials tell you exactly what to think and how to feel. And in that sense, they convey the exact right message that they want to send and create the sense of desire they want you to feel for their product. But this commercial had a much more subtle approach. As the man lifted and twirled the woman, she lifted her arms to be parallel to the ground, thus creating an airplane shape. I thought this was a really cute and subtle way of playing on the theme of their product/service all the while creating a beautiful and sweet moment between a couple that is very relatable and desirable to the customer.

The second story I saw today was a calendar of a Television show called Supernatural. On the cover of the calendar it featured two men, with very intense and sad expressions on their faces. It also featured a subtitle saying “Winchester Brothers”. This immediately gives us a background about the characters and allows us to interpret their story in our own way through relating with the characters relationship with each other. Personally, I have a big brother and I think wether or not I knew the television show or not before seeing this photo, I would be able to connect the brothers on the photo with my relationship with my brother. However, knowing the TV show allowed me to ponder the many seasons of grief, horror and true sorrow these two brothers have encountered. Supernatural is, after all, a Sci-Fi/ Fantasy television show, and although it’s been airing for over 7 years, it still hasn’t seen many happy-go-lucky episodes. But this is part of the character of the show and the lives of the two brothers. And just by looking at the poster and seeing the expressions on their faces, I’m surprised to see just how much I can feel and imagine.

Finally, my last story of the day is my mother’s drawing of Rod Steward that’s hung in our living room wall. My mother is a great artist and although she doesn’t draw very often nowadays, she has created a lovely focal piece for our living room. When my eyes landed on the drawing, I didn’t just think of the subject, Rod Stewart. I also thought of my mother and imagined her, my age or a little older, drawing this piece for weeks on end, paying extra attention and focus on the shadings and every little detail that I am appreciating today. My interpretation of this drawing is much more subjective because I have a very strong connection with the artist and I feel the artist intrigues me much more than the subject at this point because it’s such a personal relationship. I still very much appreciate the story she’s telling through her art, the pensive face of an artist she very much loved at the time. But personally, I’m much more intrigued by HER story, and I recall asking her many times (when I was much younger) several questions about the drawing, like how long did it take, why Rod Stewart, etc. And although Rod Stewart appears to be the subject of the drawing and is, no doubt, a fantastic musician, my mother and her talent is what most inspires me through this piece. 

To conclude, these are just three of the many stories that I’ve encountered today. I hope you enjoyed reading them and that my perception of art and story-telling isn’t too… strange. 🙂

Thanks so much for reading,

Marie-Claire Duquette