So I’ve been hard at work on my motion graphics assignment as the due date is just around the corner! I’ve taken the time to capture some still of my work in order to give a sneak peek at what I will reveal next week!



This is one of the first scenes in my “trailer” if you will. It’s actually also one my favourites.

You can’t see it right now, clearly because it’s a still image, but this scene is a stop motion of a street car passing by. I really like it because I feel that it completely captures the atmosphere I’m going for in this video.




Here’s another city scene that’s a little farther into the video. In this scene, we see cars passing really quickly, people walking and, once again, the beautiful city lights. I really enjoy all the colours that appeared and that I’ve incorporated into this scene. It really sets the mood of a night out on the town. 



Finally, this is the last shot of the video, in which the whole title is incorporated. I really wanted to add emphasis to the title, and I think once the music is recorded and added to the video, it will make much more sense, and will feel a lot more natural. 

I can’t wait to finish this project, partly because it’s somewhat stressfull but mostly because I’m having a lot of fun creating it. 🙂

Thanks so much for reading,