Week 12: Farewell but not Goodbye

I thought it would be wise to share some of my inspirations that influenced my projects during the term, as this school’s term is already coming to a close.

As I’ve mentioned in my “About” page, I’m a very passionate musician, and I’m very dedicated to the music aspect of my life. However, I’ve always had a love for digital media (web-design and digital arts). So I really enjoyed having the opportunity this semester to link these two wonderful aspects of myself together.

I used every opportunity I had to bring in my own personality into my creations this semester, as I wanted to convey more efficiently and honestly who I am. So for instance, my album cover was one of my favourite projects this whole semester, because I felt I was most motivated towards it. Also, it helped me consider many elements about an album cover for myself, and gave me a lot more working material, or even a full fledged draft of copy of an album cover for my potential future albums.

To really demonstrate how much this class has influenced my vision on design concepts as far as album art is concerned, here’s an example of an album cover I made prior to the class.


Pretty and effective, this gets the message across, but I think I took a lot away from this class and it’s really demonstrated in my new album art that I made for class.


This presents a whole other side of my personality and brings a lot more life and character into the picture. I really enjoyed improving on my design skills and I truly loved learning about digital media as I think it’s such an important part of the industry and it’s really crucial for us to be aware of this.

I think the musician aspect of my personality has been a reoccurring theme throughout my projects in this class. Another great example of this would be my motion graphics assignment, as I recorded all the music myself. I think that added a lot of my personality and in a way a lot more depth in this theme of my musical identity. It’s as if through each of my projects, I went farther and farther into demonstrating who I am as a musician and showing what it is I’m passionate for.

I really loved my time in this class, and I really enjoyed learning all these wonderful and useful skills that I had never thought about learning but, inevitably, had come across many times throughout my years of exploration of web-design and graphics.

I thought I’d share a couple of my old layouts that I created a long time ago, just to show what kind of digital arts I was into- not too long ago, and still am very much interested in. But before I leave you with these pictures, I just wanted to thank my instructors Ramona Pringle and Ginger Jarvis, as they have both been wonderful inspirations for me during this whole term. I’d also like to thank them for being such great teachers and giving us great lessons that will stick with us throughout our careers. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with and be taught by such wonderful people.

And now, without any further ado… Here are some examples of my work that I made for my old piczo sites (piczo is now closing down, so unfortunately I can’t share the site with you).


This shows my initial interest in digital media and graphic design, but I really enjoyed expanding on my knowledge on this subject.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this journey through digital media as much as I have!



Week 11: Documenting Your Process

So I’ve been hard at work on my motion graphics assignment as the due date is just around the corner! I’ve taken the time to capture some still of my work in order to give a sneak peek at what I will reveal next week!



This is one of the first scenes in my “trailer” if you will. It’s actually also one my favourites.

You can’t see it right now, clearly because it’s a still image, but this scene is a stop motion of a street car passing by. I really like it because I feel that it completely captures the atmosphere I’m going for in this video.




Here’s another city scene that’s a little farther into the video. In this scene, we see cars passing really quickly, people walking and, once again, the beautiful city lights. I really enjoy all the colours that appeared and that I’ve incorporated into this scene. It really sets the mood of a night out on the town. 



Finally, this is the last shot of the video, in which the whole title is incorporated. I really wanted to add emphasis to the title, and I think once the music is recorded and added to the video, it will make much more sense, and will feel a lot more natural. 

I can’t wait to finish this project, partly because it’s somewhat stressfull but mostly because I’m having a lot of fun creating it. 🙂

Thanks so much for reading, 


Week 10: Storytelling and Transmedia

For this week’s blog, we have to choose three stories that we’ve come across today and reflect on them. I just so happen to have noticed many cute stories today that I’d be glad to share in my blog. 

For the first story, I saw a commercial today for an Airline company, in which a man lifts up a woman by her waist and twirls her around many times with pretty motivational music playing in the background. There was no other action in this commercial, and I think that’s what threw me off a bit at first. Usually, commercials tell you exactly what to think and how to feel. And in that sense, they convey the exact right message that they want to send and create the sense of desire they want you to feel for their product. But this commercial had a much more subtle approach. As the man lifted and twirled the woman, she lifted her arms to be parallel to the ground, thus creating an airplane shape. I thought this was a really cute and subtle way of playing on the theme of their product/service all the while creating a beautiful and sweet moment between a couple that is very relatable and desirable to the customer.

The second story I saw today was a calendar of a Television show called Supernatural. On the cover of the calendar it featured two men, with very intense and sad expressions on their faces. It also featured a subtitle saying “Winchester Brothers”. This immediately gives us a background about the characters and allows us to interpret their story in our own way through relating with the characters relationship with each other. Personally, I have a big brother and I think wether or not I knew the television show or not before seeing this photo, I would be able to connect the brothers on the photo with my relationship with my brother. However, knowing the TV show allowed me to ponder the many seasons of grief, horror and true sorrow these two brothers have encountered. Supernatural is, after all, a Sci-Fi/ Fantasy television show, and although it’s been airing for over 7 years, it still hasn’t seen many happy-go-lucky episodes. But this is part of the character of the show and the lives of the two brothers. And just by looking at the poster and seeing the expressions on their faces, I’m surprised to see just how much I can feel and imagine.

Finally, my last story of the day is my mother’s drawing of Rod Steward that’s hung in our living room wall. My mother is a great artist and although she doesn’t draw very often nowadays, she has created a lovely focal piece for our living room. When my eyes landed on the drawing, I didn’t just think of the subject, Rod Stewart. I also thought of my mother and imagined her, my age or a little older, drawing this piece for weeks on end, paying extra attention and focus on the shadings and every little detail that I am appreciating today. My interpretation of this drawing is much more subjective because I have a very strong connection with the artist and I feel the artist intrigues me much more than the subject at this point because it’s such a personal relationship. I still very much appreciate the story she’s telling through her art, the pensive face of an artist she very much loved at the time. But personally, I’m much more intrigued by HER story, and I recall asking her many times (when I was much younger) several questions about the drawing, like how long did it take, why Rod Stewart, etc. And although Rod Stewart appears to be the subject of the drawing and is, no doubt, a fantastic musician, my mother and her talent is what most inspires me through this piece. 

To conclude, these are just three of the many stories that I’ve encountered today. I hope you enjoyed reading them and that my perception of art and story-telling isn’t too… strange. 🙂

Thanks so much for reading,

Marie-Claire Duquette

Week 9: What’s your type?

Ou blog assignment for this week, was to pick out three different posters/ pictures that feature typography design and explain if the design works, why or why not. Also does it address a particular target audience and does it convey a message? Explain and discuss.

To begin, I chose this first picture because I thought that the typography definitely stood out a lot because of the personality that shines through it. “Cinq minutes cheri”, meaning “five minutes sweetheart”, conveys an image of a husband waiting on his wife to go out, and the wife yelling back “5 minutes cheri!” because she’s caught up with her beauty products (such as nail polish).


I really enjoy this font because of the story it’s telling and how it’s telling it. By simply throwing 3 words at us with a very well designed font, we are able to create a whole scenario in our heads about what this poster means and what it’s conveying. An audience for this poster can be clearly defined by the values of the character created through the font and design. So I would assume the main audience for this poster would be women from almost every age group (as long as the individual is old enough to recognize the characteristics of female materialism. 


I chose this second picture, “Do What Makes You Happy” because I thought the font is a very unique and special design. I also think that the type works very well with the message, because the font (made up of drawn pencils) makes us think of school. And through the font, the piece allows us to ponder the importance of education to further ourselves in our careers, as well as following your dreams, despite all odds. I really enjoy the message that’s being given through this font, and I think that the appropriate audience that would benefit from this message would definitely be attracted to the picture because of the cute cartoonish graphics of the pencils font, as well as the light pastel colour scheme of the poster. 



Lastly, the third poster I chose definitely represents storytelling through the art of typography and design. This poster gives personality to each specific word in the poster simply by changing the font. All the while telling a story and creating desire in the viewer for a particular product. Although this poster doesn’t seem to be an add for a restaurant or particular product, it could definitely make a great add, as it conveys to the viewer the perfect message and creates desire through the different aspects of the story telling in the typography of the poster. The first word you read on the screen “Sweet” twists and turns into a fork that leads the eye directly into the next word “Honey”. This word has been designed to look exactly like the word it’s representing. The “N” of Honey is dripping onto the following and last word of the poster “Pancake”. This is a very good technique as it leads the eye from word to word and allows them to draw the right conclusion and imagery surrounding the theme of the design.  



To conclude, typography is a very important and useful tool in design. I really enjoyed all three of these posters as it helped me think outside the box of typography and to start thinking of fonts as more than just representation of letters. I look forward to working with typography for my final project. 

Thanks for reading, 

Marie-Claire Duquette


Week 8: After Effects and project idea

So far, the introductions to After Effects have been awesome and super easy to understand. But After Effects still seems to be very intimidating nonetheless. I’m looking forward to getting to actually work more with the program in order to get more comfortable with the way it operates. Hopefully, we’ll have more time to do that in our next lab class.

Concerning my idea for my animation project, I’m still trying to keep an open mind with all the production ideas that are coming at me at the moment, as I know that as we learn more and more about this program, different ideas of conception will overtake the previous one. But, so far, I would really enjoy working with stop animation. I’ve seen it in many awesome videos such as “Her Morning Elegance” (a video that was shown to us in our lecture last week), and I think it’s just a really great and natural effect. 

Although it’s clearly a lot of work to put together a long stop animation video like that, I think it’s worth it in the end. The end result is fantastic and goes beyond any and all other types of filming in my opinion. And as it turns out, our animation project is only 5 or 10 seconds long. So it’ll be much easier to put together something of that same concept because we’ll have much less frames to work with. 

I can’t wait to figure out my final idea for my animation project and start mapping out my plan and visuals for it. I’ll definitely keep you posted for the details, inspirations and concept ideas of my new project! I’m also really excited for tomorrow’s lecture, as I’m sure it’ll be full of great tips and inspiration for our animation project. 

Thanks for reading, 

Marie-Claire Duquette

Week 7: Artist Statement

This week in Digital Media, we had to create our own album art, infographic or poster and present it to the class. I chose to create an album cover of myself (because I am a musician). I was really excited at the opportunity to actually have been able to set aside enough time to properly create this album art. 

Here is my album cover along with the artist statement that describes my goals, inspirations, difficulties and obstacles that I’ve overcome during the process of designing and creating this album cover.


My goal for this project was to convey to my audience (the listeners or future listeners of my music) a sense of my personality, as an artist and musician, as well as a sense of what this album is about. The title that I chose for this album,“Autumn Reverie” really reflected what the songs in the album convey; autumn being a metaphor for the ending of many different parts, stages and relationships in my life. So, I thought it was appropriate to have the album cover convey the sense of autumn. I chose to have the photo-shoot outdoors for that reason, and I’m very pleased with the outcome. The colours really support and emphasize the theme and I really enjoyed working with all of those beautiful autumn hues. 

Concerning methodology, I used my version of Photoshop CS2 at home to create this album cover. My friend Gergana Peeva, a visual art student at York University, shot this picture of me in my backyard.  I’m very fortunate to have her talent at my disposal and to have been able to use this picture as a material for this project. 

I chose to keep the design simple and keep the focus on the picture that I chose. So, I basically chose to emphasize my shape in the photo by adding multiple borders around my shape as well as creating a layer of a pinkish hue contouring my shape as well. For the name of the artist and the album title, I chose pretty simple fonts (Letter Gothic Standard for “EMSEA” and Lucida Handwriting for “Autumn Reverie”) in order to keep the design simple and to not take too much attention away from the photo.   I really wanted to create a sense of familiarity and I really wanted to play on the theme of autumn (the beauty of summer coming to a dramatic ending) with bring colours of fall (the oranges, yellows, greens and reds). I’ve also chosen to incorporate a light pink to add more of my personality and character into the album cover. I’ve also incorporated the same shade of pink in my other album covers (that I’ve made previous to this course), I chose to keep bringing back the same colour so that it’ll create a sense of more familiarity as well as conveying my professionalism by staying consistent for my audience. It’ll also play on my “brand” as it creates more of an image for my artistic persona. 

There were many elements that inspired me when creating this album cover. Such as the presentation of typography (I’ve paid much more attention to my use of typography and used my fonts in a more intelligent way), my previous works in graphic design (such as my other album covers and other layouts) as well as several graphic design pictures that I’ve come across on Pinterest, Tumblr, Etsy, etc.

Prior to actually beginning my photo editing in Photoshop, I sketched out a basic plan for my layout of my album cover. This was very useful to me as I was able to edit my layout plan for the cover before even beginning the process. As a result, I was able to save time and figure out how to avoid any layout problems I could have prior to my editing stage. 


My challenges were basically trying to balance the focus of my picture, while trying my best not to make the album cover look too busy and loud. I tried to incorporate the colours I thought best represented what I was trying to convey, while still keeping the focus on the subject of the photo. 

To conclude, I think I succeeded at conveying myself, as an artist as well as a musician (myself and what the album holds) through this album cover. If this was used as the real cover of my album, I think it would definitely represent the lyrics as well as the music in general that I created. It supports the theme and also conveys a sense of familiarity and warmth through the beautiful hues of autumn. Overall, I think that I really captured what I intended to capture in this photo as well as in the edit and I think the audience that I would be likely to attract with this album cover would correspond very well to the audience that would enjoy the actual music.

Thanks for reading, 

Marie-Claire Duquette

Week 6: Topic of choice

I thought it would be helpful to use this week’s blog to reflect on what inspired me for my album art project.

First and foremost, I find it awesome that I actually get to create an album cover as a project for school. As a musician and a busy student, creating an album cover was always something I wanted to do but I never set aside enough time to do it. So you could imagine my excitement at the opportunity!

As for my inspiration for my project, I’ve been paying more attention to graphic design as well as typography and photography (I’ve been following more blogs and other various sites) and I’ve been discovering a lot of different elements in art that I’m truly appreciating for the first time. I didn’t think I expected to be so affected by typography as I was, when entering this class. But I’m very glad that I’ve discovered the importance and power of great use of typography (Huge thanks to Jessica, who specializes in typography, and her lecture during last weeks lab; it was so useful, interesting and inspiring). I’ve found myself reflecting a lot more of what font to use in my projects and I’ve really found how influential typography is.

Also, I’ve tried to incorporate the principles of design into my album art. (Because I’ve made more than one album cover in the past, I can practice repetition in the consistency of my “brand” that I’ve created in my past album artwork.) 

I’ve been paying attention to many different graphic design sites such as Pinterest. And I’ve found many different designs that have inspired me and definitely made me rethink the power of design. Here’s an example of a picture that really interested me.


I found it very interesting in that with simple geometric shapes and some really cool textures and fonts, the artist was able to tie the whole picture together in a very simple yet eye-pleasing way.

I also tried to incorporate this same principle in my album cover. I really thought over the whole concept of my design and tried to keep it simple but still interesting. I worked with the colours that I initially had in the pictures I used, but also tried to simplify it a little and work through the mood I was trying to send. 

In next week’s blog, I’ll explain my concept at creating my album art/cover and describe what inspired me to create the album cover and make it the way that I chose to. 

For now, I’ll leave you with this beautiful picture I found on the site from the same user as the picture above


Have a great week and thanks for reading!



Week 5: Lighting and Igniting!

This week, we had the awesome opportunity to enjoy a lecture given by Lance Weiler. During the lecture, Lance discussed his previous projects such as Laika’s adventure as well as Pandemic 1.0 and many more. He basically explained his approach to each of the projects and how it all comes down to the story that you’re telling through the project. One of the most important things that I took away from this lecture was that when creating any type of work, you should also focus on the participation of the audience in order to keep and arouse even more interest in the project.

I also really liked how Lance Weiler used the data collected from his audience to further the story that’s being told through the project. In this way, Weiler creates a direct connection between the audience (participating members in the project Pandemic 1.0) and the project itself, as it’s taking their own information and transforming it into part of the story. I thought this was a really creative way to make the project more interactive and realistic as well as create a deeper presence of the project as a whole. This is because their use of data simulates real data itself. Hence, the Pandemic 1.0 “Universe” is spreading and growing progressively as more and more people are involved and “affected”.

To conclude, I’m really grateful to have had the opportunity to see that lecture as I truly appreciate the advice and perspective of such a talented story-teller.

I can’t wait to start more of my own projects and work on my own story-telling abilities as I now have a better understanding of what that’s all about.

Thanks for reading,


Week 4: Every colour tells a story…

My weekly blog assignment for this week was to pick out 4 different picture from the internet and analyze the colour schemes, patterns, etc. as well as the colour psychology that goes in behind it.

So, here are my four choices of pictures as well as my analysis of each, below the picture.

I think the goal of this image was mostly for entertainment or for personal enjoyment. It seems to be more of a simple photo that doesn’t exactly have a goal besides conveying emotion and inspiring viewers/bloggers. I think that the colours used (light blues and oranges) seem to convey softer emotions and reflect a comfortable atmosphere to the viewers. This was mostly achieved thanks to the warm yet light orange of the sun. I find it creates a feeling of familiarity and comfort. But at the same time, the slight blue-ish purple found in the picture, brings out a more playful friendly atmosphere (which suits the photo quite well, as there are many teens enjoying the beach in it) Overall, I enjoy this picture and find that the colours in it were used quite well. I wouldn’t normally ponder the colours of an image like this, as I would assume no one was really trying to convey a real message through it (as an ad would perhaps) but without noticing it, the colours really did affect my emotions and I found myself feeling comfortable and relaxed when I first stumbled upon this photo.

I’m still not quite sure what this image was created for as it seems to be a simple creative representation of galaxy (and not intended for advertising purposes). However, I still feel that the colours used in this photo affect the viewers feelings in a strong way. I think that the different shades of light blue (as well as dark blue and all the shades in between) create a feeling of relaxation and wonder in the viewers. The blue also plays on our emotions as we feel more comfortable with it (blue alludes to loyalty and trustworthiness). This picture seems to have a mostly monochromatic colour scheme (different shades of blue) however there are also slight shades of green and yellow included in this picture, making the colour scheme an analogous one. Overall, I feel that the colours used in this picture really help to convey the feeling of relaxation,  nature and comfort, all the while creating the feeling of wonder and mystery. If this picture were black and white, it wouldn’t have nearly as much significance as it does in this state. And for that, we have nothing but colour to thank.

This picture is also not in obvious use as an ad for a company but could have easily been used as an ad for a shoe company as it displays the shoes in a very natural and beautiful way. Although the colour scheme for this picture is monochromatic, it still seems to convey a simple and elegant charm through the mixture of gold shades displayed throughout the picture. I feel that the shining gold of the shoes create a more glamorous feeling where as the different deeper shades of the wooden floor seem to create a more nature-related comfortable feeling. Overall, I enjoy how this picture conveys the two different feelings of comfort and familiarity of nature through the wood as well as the mystique and glamour of today’s world.

This poster is a vintage ad for “Levi’s”. I found that I really enjoyed the colours they chose to use for this poster as it really conveyed the right sense of femininity and nature (with the brightly colour flowers and butterflies). I also liked how they used primary colours as the most dominant colours in the piece.These would most speak to the viewers and would be the colours that stand out to them the most because primary colours tend to be the colours that are the easiest to remember. The blues included in this picture also play on the trustworthiness of the brand. The yellows and reds create a warm welcoming feeling and attract the eye (as a advertising poster should) and the reds also create a desire for consumption and so, create a desire within the viewer to buy the product. I assume that this is only a part of the actual vintage poster that advertised the company as it doesn’t have the name of the company listed very evidently in the picture (except for the circle in the back that has the name listed backwards; suggesting the poster was flipped) However, the advertising techniques in colour is present in this poster and I think that the company did a good job at conveying the right messages and emotions to the viewers through the colours used in this poster.

To conclude, I had a lot of fun looking for the particular pictures that I thought were worthy of discussing on this level. I feel that I’ve learned a lot about how much colour plays into advertising and I understand thoroughly just how much colour affects the way we think and feel, which is why it’s such a huge tool for advertising companies and others. I really enjoyed learning about the importance of colours and their role in digital media and I look forward to learning more next week.

Thanks for reading,


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